Start-up businesses 

Whether you are experienced in business or just starting out with a great idea, our team will support you in directional targeted thinking, helping you with all aspects of your business planning. We’ll help you with the all-important business plan, the cost benefit analysis strategy, cash-flow planning and statements and income statements. We’ll work with you on the presentation of your plan to prospective customers, stakeholders and financial product suppliers. We are there to hold your hand, allowing you to function as a newly created business. We’ll reduce the burden and carry some of the weight associated with starting your new venture, giving you the time and support that you need. 


We are able to guide you through the grant application process, eliminating the uncertainty of form filling, generating presentation ready, readable and understandable applications in a way that funders prefer. Grants are available from a variety of sources and we will guide you through the maze of regulations and requirements enabling your business to benefit fully from the grant offering suitable to your requirements.


As members of Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs (IoEE) we have fully accredited mentors in our team that can support and guide you on your business journey.

Economic reviews 

This kind of support is particularly useful to those companies wishing to export or expand. Evaluating the economic climate in which you find yourself, or wish to operate in can be a challenge. We can provide you with a real-world interpretation and evaluation. We can support your business by providing a full country economic briefing, the potential of new tax reforms and other laws that may impact on the region, together with a political stability study and the development potential of the region under study.
We can also support you with language and translation services, allowing you to be able to concentrate on growing your business in new markets, quickly and easily. 


Getting to grips with how the UK & Welsh budget and financial statements may affect your business can be a complex process. We can help you with this, often before the official interpretations by the larger accounting houses. 

We’d be very happy to talk to you about how we can support your business and help you make it grow.

Please get in touch, there’s absolutely no obligation or cost to you or your business.