Whether your business is growing or you’re already well established with a number of employees, the right Human Resources strategy is critical for the continued success and growth of your business.
We can assist and support you in setting up a completely new Human Resources strategy and system. Or we can have a look at your what you’re doing currently and suggest ideas and alternatives that will make things easier, better and more efficient for you and your employees, as well as helping you put these new ideas into practice with minimum disruption to your business

This can range from staff reviews, support and expert advice on employment law, the recognition of trade unions, from recruitment to dismissals. From Human resources strategies to specialist assistance at Employment Tribunals, we are able to support your company at every level.

Contracts of employment

We can help you with company specific manuals, codes of practice and company handbooks with all policies, Health and safety, Fire, absence, payroll, included. We can help your business with industry leading documentation, policies and most importantly we can help you make sure all your documentation is current and up to date. We can also offer, where suitable, an insurance backed indemnification policy.

P.A.Y.E. / R.T.I.

We can assist with all aspects of payroll management and compliance issues, and advise you on the best systems for you to use with your business.

We’d be very happy to talk to you about how we can support your business and help you make it grow.

Please get in touch, there’s absolutely no obligation or cost to you or your business.